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Breed Observations:  In the past we've had Delaware's (they weren't as cold hardy & dominated other breeds), Speckled Sussex (they were more aggressive than the other breeds too, but we may have them again in a separate area from the cochins),  Rhode Island Reds (very aggressive birds towards humans & other livestock), Partridge Chanteclers (these matured rather slowly and were cannibalistic towards each other, and killed their young- maybe the breeding line was bad, but not the kind of behavior we want on our farm.  Tony called them the Raptors) and Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. We've also had Silkies and other bantams.   
Cochin Chick from Bluebell & Henry
white cochin
Bluebell the Cochin
Ambrosia the Buff Cochin
Bluebell the taxi
 Nod with chicks

Nimbus the rooster and teenager chicks

Shep the Cochin Rooster
Herald the Rooster (as  in Hark! the Herald)
Blueberry Blue our newest rooster from Herald and Bluebell.
Huckleberry and Wynken.  Huckleberry is from Blueberry who was from Herald.
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Cochin- (ALBC list- watch)  Good foster mothers & brooders, gentle. Brown eggs.  Cochins are so gentle & mild natured- and a hoot to watch with their feathered legs.  We currently maintain 2 small flocks, and are looking to make a third flock with a younger Blue (Rooster).  We've been working on a Lemon blue line for about seven years.  This is our standard size line.

Mille Fleur and Calico Bantam CochinsIn 2017 we added a small flock of banty Mille Fleur and Calicos.  They are friendly little birds and lay a wonderful little egg, great for hors d'oeuvres.  Their patterns are really lovely as well.
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Perdita, a super loving pullet who loves to be held.

Banty cochin chick, 2 days old
close up of feathers at 7 weeks.
The pullet is on the left, notice her comb is smaller and more pale compared to the roosters comb.  These chicks are 7 weeks old.