Fun Times with the Flock
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Lavant, dob 04/11/2017, Codon RR. OEBR 18015, NABSSAR 15853  flock of origin: Bergamascos.  Bred to Rayleigh & Tryndel.

Noir, dob 03/22/2013, Codon RR. 
OEBR 14528, NABSSAR 12438 Flock of origin: My Little Sheep        Bred to: Bayley, Blanche & Lizzy.

Norbert, our wether, dob 04/03/2015 Flock of origin: My Little Sheep
Our Ewes- click on photo for more information:
Bayley, dob 04/13/2017, Codon RR.
OEBR 18020, NABSSAR 15858.
Flock of origin: Bergamascos.  Bred to Noir.

Blanche, dob 03/31/2017, Codon RR Flock of origin: Moyers in PA.    OEBR 17792, NABSSAR- TBD.  Bred to Noir.
Rayleigh, dob 04/04/2071, Codon QR.
flock of origin: Bergamascos OEBR 18012, NABSSAR 15850. Bred to Lavant. Lamb reserved.
Tryndel, dob 4/08/2017, Codon RR. flock of origin: Bergamascos. OEBR18013, NABSSAR 15851. Bred to Lavant.
Lizzy Lollipop Cosmonaut, dob 04/03/2015, Codon RR.              
Flock of origin: Amish family in IN. Lizzy is not registered.  Bred to Noir.
in the nook farm
proprietors Tony & Aine Slabaugh
Olde English "Babydoll" Southdown Sheep
At In the Nook Farm, our sheep are dual registered with OEBR and NABSSAR.  Both registries have excellent information about this wonderful breed.  We are registered with the USDA Scrapie program and our flock is Codon tested QR or RR.  

In the spring of 2018 we plan to have some lambs for sale.  They should be born in early April 2018.  Dual registered: ewes $600.00, rams $500.00.  Wethers: $250.00.  If you're interested in reserving a lamb, please contact us for more information.  
Our Rams & Wether

Sheep grazing among lavender rows and you can see bee hives in the background.

Rayleigh & Tryndel

Lined up for some feed.  Who doesn't like an afternoon treat?

Blanche is munching on some loose minerals.

Noir is checking out the little banty chicks that came for a visit.

Tryndel the ewe-nicorn.  No sheep were harmed in the making of this photo.

Lavant- the sitting ram.  He just looks 
like a stuffed animal!

Following the leader- in this case, it was Norbert.

Sheep Flock Group Shot. Front l-r: Norbert, Noir, Blanche, Bayley, Lizzy.  Back r: Lavant, Rayleigh and Tryndel peeking out.
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